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Hi, I am seeking help with pain in my inner thigh and left leg. Sometime it is
excruciating pain. Other times it is very stiff with light pain. Difficulty getting up after being seated, walking up and down stairs difficulty. Sitting in the car is the worst. I also have neck pain, headaches all on the left side of my body. This has been going on for 6-8 weeks now. I have had an x-ray of my leg and a ct scan of my lower back. Nothing was seen, except the previous problems of my lower spine, At L3-L4 level, there is diffuse annular bulge indenting the thecal sac causing mild spinal canal stenosis. The foramina are patent. L4-L5 level demonstrates diffuse annular bulge causing mild spinal canal stenosis per the foramina are patent. I have been diagnosed to have degenerated arthritis and or spondolosis in my spine. I have been to physical therapy for three weeks and I just cancelled tomorrows appointment, because it only helps a little and the root problems of my situation has not been resolved. Please someone help