HBOT oxygen tank therapy for r.A.

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Has anyone tried this ? I have been asked if I want to go by friend who is having great results for M.S.


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    I've never heard of this, but would be really interested to know how you get on with it, should you decide to go.
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    I've never even heard of it for R.A. I know someone who tried it for M.S. but it wasn't very successful. As I understand it, M.S. can be slow developing or aggressive and his was aggressive. Maybe it works on the other kind. As for R.A. I'd be surprised if it helped but, if you can afford it, give it a go.
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    There is a school of thought that RA and MS are differing buds on the same tree. I've heard of this therapy for MS, and I guess anything is worth a try, but don't be too disappointed if it does little or nothing as they are different complaints. Good luck. DD
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    i had access to this in aberdeen with the hyperbaric centre for oil divers

    i asked a lot of questions and ended up totally p*ssed off with the woman who ended up doing a full scale sales hype on me. she told me a lot, i did more research and other than feeling very tired and being able to sleep more i was not too impressed with how it would be effective. i dont want to feel tired and sleepy i want to have more energy and be more alert.

    to be effective you need to use 4 - 5 times per week for an hour and need to do this for a month to really get the full benefits....which at the end of the conversation were the merely what i stated above in the previous paragraph.

    personally i would not waste my money & ps its all well rearched in aberdeen because of the oil connection and for me, its a definite NO

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