MTX and slow healing of wounds

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Hi all, just after a little advise. My 14 year old son has been taking MTX since May for systemic JIA. He has an infection on his toe which for most people would heal on it's own. Even after antibiotics it has not completely healed. He also has a couple of blisters which won't heal. Dispite keeping them covered and bathing in salt water ect.

We are seeing the consultant today but I'm concerned that she will stop the MTX. I'm worried that stopping the MTX for a week or two will set him back and I'm not sure he would cope emotionally with a setback at the moment.

Aaagh this blood disease. Hate it hate hate it!! Sorry just had to have a little moan. Grrrr

Would appreciate any advice.


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    Hello Chelle. its awful when the children get sick and when its long term and they are taking such serious it must be really hard for them and you also. Its not what you expected for your children.
    MTX is an awful medication anyway but ill tell you what i know regarding infections and Metheotrexate. There is actually one antibiotic you can not take whist taking MTX but i cant remember what its called. MTX and lots of the meds we take are to to slow down or prevent the production of white blood cells I have RA and PsA so thats how it is with me. White blood cells are the ones that heal the body and thats why things are slow because the amune system is low. I think the best option and the Rheumy will tell you is to miss a short period of the MTX. I think a week or two might be ok and if your worried about the pain returning or getting worse you could ask the Rheumy to give him a short course of Prednisolone or depomedrone injection.
    thest will both ease the pain whilst hes off the MTX. I believe the MTX stays in the system for some time after you stop taking it anyway but im no expert me advice is write everything down you want to ask the Rheumy
    I do hope he is feeling better soon and please let us all know how you got on with the Rheumy and how hes doing.
    Take care
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    Hi Chelle

    I am also on mtx and have problems with any wounds taking long periods of time to heal.
    I normally carry on taking my mtx and just have to wait for it to heal which in my case can take up to 8-12 weeks. (this is on my stump as i am a below knee amputee) I normally try not to wear the leg in this period and rest it as much as possible. ( I understand that would be difficult for a child)

    I never soak a wound any more with salt water as a nurse told me not to as I was washing away healing bacteria?????? I just wipe it with a sterile cloth and kettle water. I also use either inodine squares or manuka honey (both on prescription) This stops any bugs getting in and iis supposed to help with healing.

    I had an operation last december and I am due another in the next few months and was told by my surgeon not to take the meth one week before and for a couple of weeks after, just so that my body can heal quicker. I was concerned that such a long period without (5 wks) I would be in so much pain but I can tell you that I didn't feel any different.
    I still took my other meds of Leflunomiide,celebrex and hydroxy.

    I know alot of people o here are on mtx and you will read that doctors all have different opinions.

    I hope your sons doctor can advise you well and that your sons wound gets better soon.

    Love Juliepf x
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    The rheumatologist really is the best person to advise you but, for what it's worth, I've stopped meth before operations just like Julie and suffered no ill effects. Having said that, I'm not a young lad prone to great physical activity.

    I think Colin is mistaken in saying there is only one antibiotic you can take with meth. I've had several different ones but I always make sure that whoever prescribes them knows I'm on meth as there are a whole group of antibios that shouldn't be taken with it.

    I'd also ask the rheumatologist about your lad's blisters. My gut feeling is that Julie has some good suggestions there and that blisters will heal better if they can be left uncovered.
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    I empathise completely. I have a number of insect bites which are not sorting themselves out that rapidly thanks to the meth and humira that I take. My thinking now is that I'll drop the meth for a week or two so that these bites can heal. I'm an old hand at juggling my meds but this is something you do need to talk to your lad's rheumatology team becuase his situation is unique to him and you are new to it. Please let us know what they say and don't fret if they do advise to briefly stop the meth - it doesn't leave one's system overnight. Best wishes to you both. DD
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    Manuka honey is the solution for your son's wounds.Its very effective in wound healing.Please try it daily.

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    hate people posting links promoting products & bumping old threads but he is right about Manuka honey , its very good for threating ulcers & other wounds but here in the UK you can get it on prescription for free
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    Hi Chelle
    And a warm welcome from me
    I am sorry I cant help, and like Colin I hate to see children poorly...but I just want you to know that we are always here for you to talk to...its so good to get things off your chest.
    We do have the young person forum and there are lots of mums on there that share advice.
    You take care of yourself in all this and I really do wish your son well..((((())))xx

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