The Paralympic Coverage.

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What a shame that the Beeb did not gain the coverage of this very worthy event. I've given up with Ch4, the ad breaks are far too many and far too long. They were able to run an all-night DJ party-type thing recently without a single addy break but this? It seems as though they are coming every five to eight minutes, it is so frustrating. They even regularly interrupted the opening ceremony which I think disgusting. Obviously those who are funding the station want to spread the word about their latest cars, TVs, energy supplies, insurance, toothpaste, beauty creams et al (because obviously none of us have heard of these wondrous products) but given the importance of this event wouldn't it be better to have 50 minutes of proper coverage then 10 minutes of ads?

No matter how you cut it or try to gloss over it once again the paralympics are presented as the 'poor relation' of the able-bodied type as the coverage is relegated to commercial TV coverage. In my view it's very close to an insult to those taking part. DD


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    DD I totally agree, I didnt know they were on Chanel 4 till the opening ceremony,like you say they are the poor relatives ..its awful.
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    DD I totally agree with what you have said.

    I got fedup this morning trying to watch the swimming and then the ladies cycling but gave up eventually because of all the adverts and then going into the studio to listen to the comments.

    I have turned tv on again an now watching the mens cycling and its brilliant :D
    I just wish the adverts were not so regular. :?

    Love Juliepf x
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    I don't see why they can't have longer ad breaks at longer intervals. They never interrupt football or rugby, just wait until the half time break. It aint rocket science.
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    FIRST Gold :D

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    Yeah I agree as well, I thought they wern't going to have adds seeming they are actually state owned the least the state could have done is tell them to bite the bullet and not have so many or none at all, typical country if your able bodied you get preferential treatment, the flipper squad (as I call them) do much better than the able bodied lot but get a lot less credit, praise or lucrative presenter job offers from the Beeb and others, once it's over they will mostly be forgotten until next time as usual.
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    do like the red button though easy to move from one sport to another much better than the beebs do not have to wait for each to load gave up on opening ceremony because of add breaks let Steve have football on val
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    What a load of crap more talking than anything i want to shout and make a Rucas about it.
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    did you see that bloke this morning riding bike with no left leg or arm he was amazing i strugle to balance on exercise bike
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    The coverage is total crap,apparently the BBC didn't put forward enough hours in there bid and so lost.We have been recording it so we can get rid of the adverts.Mig
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    Hello DD
    yes i agreeit feels like the ad's are longer than the programme.
    have a good weekend.
    joan xx
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    You can get ad free paralympics on the red button DD.
  • dreamdaisy
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    I hadn't realised, thank you Salamander, I'll give that a whirl. DD
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    Cheapskates who have Freeview do not have the red button services on Channel 4. As a friend has just so beautifully stated: DD, you're stuffed. :lol:
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    Apart from the adverts, I think the coverage has a more 'grown up' feel to it, the commentators are all well informed and fun rules, not quite so much rubbish, feigning over the athletes as the main games.

    The games are called the Para(llel) (O)lympic Games and have their own character. Watch the Last Leg at 10ish on channel 4, this shows the true spirit of the athletes and the Parallel Games! Murder Ball rules OK!

    Its a grin, honest! 8)
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    Unfortunately it was something to do with the Americans they are sponsoring the para olympics and wanted channel 4 to do it .Yes it is very poor coverage , but i have enjoyed the athletics , football and basket ball and also the swimming .
    We had a nice young man come into the office this morning to purchase Fencing clothing and he is refereeing the fencing , Really nice man name of Carlos from Brazil .
    Hope everyone is doing ok and enjoying the warm weather :)

    Fowls xx