Doesn't bode well....

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Received my DLA re-application today. But it was for a child under 16. So I had to ring up and tell them I'm no longer under 16 and haven't been for quite some time!

I'm now taking bets on how long it takes to get to receive it. ESA took me a year. I've been receiving DLA for over 10 years but I've got a sneaking suspicion that Atos will declare me 'cured'.

What does everyone else think?! :D


  • lindalegs
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    I can't see why they'll declare you cured if you're not :shock: . But if you are that's wonderful news. :D

    Good luck either way.

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    Hi Jen

    Hope you are being supervised using this forum by a responsible adult :lol:

    Typical application hassle has started already I see :roll:

    I hope it goes really well this time though - you never know

    Love Toni (ever the optimist :wink: )
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    Hi Jen
    Maybe you look very young....I do hope you hear very soon xx

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