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I had two appointments. The first was with the Ophthalmologist. He has put me on a waiting list to have my cataracts removed. I think they must be the most intelligent part of me, (well he said they are very advanced). He's going to do the right eye first, should be some time in November.
The second appointment was with my rheumy. As usual, he looked at my blood results on his computer, and with barely a glance at me, started his rant about how I should be on Retuximab. I know my markers are too high, my CRP has crept back into the 100s. I'm just not ready to take that step yet. Anyway, I think I started to glaze over. I think he noticed :oops: He said "Do you want me to shut up about it?" I said "Yes please". Amazing! He actually examined my joints, for the first time in the two and a half years I've been seeing this particular one. He is contacting my GP to see if they will fund Meth injections. He's added sulphasalazine to my meth and hydroxychloroquine. He gave me what he called a "double dose" steroid injection in my bum. And he is going to ask my GP to arrange a home visit from occy health.
I really felt he was looking at me, and not just my bloods.
All in all, a good appointment :D


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    All things come to those who wait?! Blimey Numpty, that's a bit of a rheumy appointment bonanza - looked at, listened to and treated like a person...well I never, whatever next?! I hope your GP will fund the jabs and that the new cocktail and steroid helps out...I did like your verdict on advanced cataracts :lol:
    Good luck with it all. LV xx
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    Hi Numpty it was a busy day for you yesterday :shock:

    I hope it isn't too long before you get your cataracts removed. I remember my nana having hers done and how much better it was for her. :D

    Your Rhummy person sounds nice :D Lets hope the added meds to your meth works and that your gp will fund them :wink:

    Hope the steroid has started to take effect, have a lovely weekend, but ....don't over do it :)

    love juliepf x
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    What a really positive day for you,way to go numpty.Mig
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    So, all in all, a better day than might have been expected - good! I am sure the removal of the cataracts will make a big difference to the quality of vision (I loved the joke!) and I hope the addition of sulph does summat to reduce your markers. DD
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    Hello Numpty
    that was a good appointment you were treated like a lady.
    good luck with everything.
    have a good weekend.
    joan xx
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    Hi LV, Juliepf, Mig, DD and Joan.
    Thank you all for your well wishes.
    Things are just getting better and better. The steroid injection is actually working.!:shock:
    Maybe because it was a higher dose than normal, I don't know, but previous injections haven't worked this quickly or this well!
    Result. :wink:
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    Yesterday is a previous day . The day before the present day. 2. also yesterdays Time in the past, especially the recent past. :o
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    Hey numpty glad eveything well good luck in november with your mincers
    Karen xx
  • Numptydumpty
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    Thanks Karen.

    Oh, and Umar

    yy for me.

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