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Hi My name is Mike

I was told i had Arthritis when i was 18 im now 26. Because most of my joints were already badly deformed, the rheumatologist thought i had, had it from much younger.

When i was younger i went to see the doctor about pains, and all i got was. Its growing pains.

When i was 18 i moved into a house with friends and had to change doctors, there the doctor did some tests and i found out i had Arthtitis.

I have gone through all ups and downs with the diease, before i found out i had it i did professional cycling, used to walk up mountains every weekend and do rock climbing. Now i do none of that.

Ive tried all kinds of medication, to stum the pain. I was put on Steriod tablets for a long time and ended putting approx 5 stone in weight on. I am now on Humira 40mg self injected every two weeks, along with liquid morphine for pain relif.

Im told i need to loose some weight, but dieting on no exercise seems to work. I find it very difficult to walk and even stand for more than five minutes. My feet swell, joints ache, ive got Arthritis everywhere apart from my back.

I've had one operation to fuse my left thumb and in the next few weeks i am having an operation on my left foot to fuse all the toes to my metatrasels.

I was in hospital on Wednesday this week and had 7 x 80mg steroid injections in my left foot to help with the pain.

I've suffered bad with depression when i first found out i had it, but i have had my family pull me through it, and some firends have stuck with me but not everyone understands.

It would be good to meet with people of a similar age, say under 30 that are going though the same thing. I personally dont know anyone around my age with Arthritis.



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    Hello Mike2012, it's lovely to meet you and I am pleased you have found us. Like you I didn't know anyone with arthritis but now I do thanks to here. We are all ages, I am 53, there are people younger than you and older than me but we all have this ghastliness in common so we do completely and utterly get it. :wink:

    I gained a deal of weight when I was on steroids but I spent last year weaning myself off them. I have lost some of the weight as a result and I will never go back on them again because they only mask, not help. I too am on humira, supported with 15ml of injected meth and sulph tablets every day. My psoriatic arthritis is well-controlled (although I haven't felt that this week!) but the joint damage caused by years of no treatment (my GP at the time didn't recognise my symptoms of inflammatory arthritis) has led to OA in my knees and ankles which is yuk. No matter, it is what it is and I have to get on with things.

    I hope to see your name here and there on the forum, some of us may be older than you but we're a friendly bunch, we're knowledgeable about the meds, we offer virtual support for appointments and we're always around to listen if things get a bit tough. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Mike

    another hello here - sorry l am not a young person any more ( I am sorry about that too :wink: ), but there are plenty of them to be found on here :) .

    Nice to meet you


    Toni xxx

    Toni xxx