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Im lottie 23 and im looking for abit of advice and support and this seems like the right place to be

my story

8 years ago i had a horse riding accident in which i broke my left hip, i had a dynamic hip screw put in and then removed a year later. Ive always experienced pain in the hip during the winter and after exercise or a long walk however i fell pregnant last year with my daughter and was diagnosed with a displaced pelvis one leg shorted than the other and had to wear a brace thing. had my daughter and noticed the movement had gone alot in my leg and hip, this year and the past few months ive had trouble walking and moving my leg/hip and in heaps of the pain all day and all night frankly its been rubbish! finally bit the bullet and went to the docs who seems to think it could be osteroarthritis in my hip hes put me on dicolofenic (sp?) and i had an xray yesterday but wont know anything until next week at the earliest :(

if anyone can give me any advice and what to expect please let me know i feel so scared and worried for my children and my husband as im an active stay at home mum :(

many thanks



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    Hi lottie,

    sounds like o/a to me but they do take your age and home life into
    account plus you've had a previous history.

    So don't give up try and be positive, i hope your results give you some
    good answers.

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    thank you for your kind words,

    Its such as shock really i mean i knew this could happen but i thought id be a little older and my kids not so reliant on me as they are only 1 and 3! im trying to remain positive as i have to see the doctor again and hope that its not as bad as it seems!

    thanks again its nice to be able to share and not feel so alone with this

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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and I am glad you have found us. You may garner more replies if you re-post on the LWA part of the forum as more people look in on there.

    OA can strike at any age, it is not confined to the aged and elderly. It can occur after an accident such as yours, and yes, colder weather or too much exercised can cause it to be more troublesome. I have it in both knees and both ankles as a result of joint damage caused by my other arthritis (an auto-immune type) and I can empathise with the pain - it's not nice, is it? :wink: Diclo is an anti-inflammatory drug and that should help to ease any inflammation in the joint, and that may help with the pain too but to be honest I've never had much in the way of pain relief from my anti-inflammatory meds because the damage is already done. Has your GP also mentioned a stomach protector med such as omeprazole? It could be that he hasn't as yet as he may be hoping that you won't be on the diclo for too long but please ask him about this the next time you see him, it is important to protect your guts from these kinds of meds.

    As to what your future holds, well, who knows? Everyone's arthritis is unique to them and no-one can predict how it will develop. Do you use a stick to help ease the strain on the affected side? It is amazing what a difference that can make, it should be held on the opposite side to the painful joint - if you find pushing a trolley helpful due to the support that offers then you may find a stick useful. Exercise is important to help keep the muscles that support the joints in a better state but it is important not to overdo it - swimming is good as it is a low-impact activity. It must be hard though, having two little ones to look after, I find it tough enough looking after me and 'im indoors! :lol: I hope you find the forum a useful source of information and support, I look forward to seeing your name here and there. I wish you well. DD
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    thank you for your reply DD

    the diclo is gastro resistant so im assuming thats ok? ive heard of the other medication you talked about as my mum takes it for her condition :) thank you for all your advice regarding exercise im not the greatest of swimmers but just doing a few lengths will help im sure! ive not got a stick at the moment but i do think that will be an option soon as i struggle with stairs and walking any distance luckily im able to use my daughters buggy as some support for the time being :)

    i shall repost on the other board thank you for the advice