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My apologies if I've addressed this to the wrong place. This is the first time I've used this forum.
I've had a number of unsolicited phone calls recently where some very polite person asks if I suffer from arthritis. While I'd be willing to give detailed info about my health to a reputable organisation - such as Arthritis Care or the NHS, I suspect these callers are simply doing market research for some firm selling "miracle cures" for arthritis. Can you assure me that Arthritis Care does not use this sort of cold calling. By the way, I am subscribed to the phone preference service but it doesn't seem to make much difference.


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    Dear Scribbler

    I can assure you that Arthritis Care does not make unsolicited phone calls to anybody. I would suggest to you all out there, that should you receive any calls of this manner please ask:

    the callers name,
    company name,
    phone number,
    and how they got your phone number.

    I would imagine you will be able to suss out their legitimacy by their reaction. If they are selling some magic cure you could say it is a bad time and you will call back at your convenience. This will give you a chance to check them out. If you find they are bogus please report them to the relevant ombudsman.

    Best wishes
    Shital Shah
    Helplines Team Leader
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    Many thanks.

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