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I have psoriatic arthritis. I recently had a bad flare up and an absence of one month followed by a phased return of half hours for one month. This was all on doctors advice. During my absence I fully complied with all policies, trained my replacement in my home for three hours, kept boss up up date etc.

I was asked to see company (local government) occ health doctor to "ensure that they had put everything possible in place to support me". i consented to them seeing my medical records. In a five minute interview today the doc grimaced, said there's not much can be done and said I have three months to sort it out or they reduce my hours, goodbye Msredser.

I have just started a DMARD and am actively trying everything possible to combat this thing. I can't afford to have my hours cut. Can they really force this? I am a member of UNISON.


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    Hello Redser, it's nice to meet you and I am so sorry about your current predicament. How long have you been diagnosed with PsA and how is it affecting your ability to do your job? I never got anywhere with DMARDs and NSAIDs but I am coping OK-ish with my PsA thanks to a combo of injected meth and humira.

    The time scale of a couple of months seems pretty small to be threatening you with redundancy, is there more history that you haven't told us? I daresay there's some small print in your contract about ill health etc, but surely they have a legal obligation to make a reasonable adjustment for you to do your job. I realise that arthritics are unreliable employees simply due to the nature of the disease but in this day and age there should be a better understanding of these things. My husband had an assistant who had PsA and she was able to work from home three days a week, more if she was flaring. I am very fortunate in that I am self-employed and so have a very understanding boss :wink: but for those who are employed it is a very different ball game. I hope that your Union rep can give you some help and information, there is always the CAB too - they are a knowledgeable bunch. I wish you well. DD
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    I'm hoping I overreacted.I'm wondering if he was suggesting cutting my hours as a reasonable adjustment.he was pretty gruff.trying to stay calm and wait for written report. I've just started treatment and can't give up just yet!
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    I hope that's all it was. It can be hard to stay calm and really hear what others are saying in such worrying circumstances. I hope you get that written report quickly and then, at least, you'll know. I also hope that whatever meds you are on work well for you.