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In 2009 i was diagnosed with osteo arthritis in my right knee, on seeing the consultant at the local hospital, he was dismissive and agressive about my condition and told me if i was still suffering when 70 (I am in my mid 50's), he may if he felt like it do a knee replacement, and when i asked what do i do in the meantime he said struggle on, sometimes the pain is so bad i take more ibupropen than i should out of desperation, i have not returned to the doctors, i struggle with steps and stairs, i used walk a lot i now barely walk, i work but it is such a struggle it brings me to tears, The pain has now spread to my left knee and left hip, i was so upset with the appointment i have not returned to the Doctors, as I am so afraid of what they would say.

I do have a weight problem which i acknowledge is a contributory factor, and arthritis does run in the family. I have tried to hard to lose weight unsuccessfully, but it is more difficult now, i used to regularly exercise now it is just impossible for me, i have not weighed myself for ages but i am sure the weight is creeping on. Then there is conflicting advice online, exercise to keep mobile (which is difficult and painful), or rest and preserve the joints.

I am depressed, afraid and at times suicidal, i have no quality of life and can see no way forward and no solution, my families advice is to go to the Doctor, but after the last time i can not get beyond the fear that possibilty entails. This is no way to live it is just so hopeless, i guess this sounds selfish, i know there are others like me and some a lot worse, being forced financially to work is not helpful, but if i didn't i would never speak to or see anyone outside of the family.


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    Hello Dawnbird and welcome.

    I am so sorry that you are struggling so much.

    I know that someone from the helpline will answer your message soon (I am not a helpline person, but a member of the forum) but I just wanted to say "hello" and to say that if you repost your message on the Living with Arthritis (LWA) forum, I know you will get some replies (most of us look there reguarly). Many of us on the forum will be able to identify with the way you are feeling and I know that being able to share with others who truly understand has been a huge help to me and made me feel far less alone with my struggles.

    We are a friendly bunch and you will be made very welcome.

    Thinking of you.

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    Hi Dawnbird,

    I've sent you a private message.

    Best wishes

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