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I went to my Doctor in 2007 and the report he sent to Chiropody is,

"This lady has many pains and normal blood etsts (take it thats his typo not a mystery medical word LOL) and presuably has a fibromyalgia type problem. However she also has oA of the first mtp- can you do something for this?"

Turned out 2 years later I was found to have a slight birth deformaity which had never been noticed (doctors telling me for years nothing wrong with me!) Rear Foot Varus which caused extra stress on my joints so I got oA.
Question is, is it usual for a doctor to say a person has oA in this way, he lifted my leg twisted it slightly to see how the knee moved and said from that he could tell I have oA, so are there tests for oA? I had pain in my knuckles for years and in other places which has got worse, the blood tests were to see what was wrong with my knuckles. Nothing in the blood tests.
I now have a lot of pain in my hips and ankle and so many other places, so are there tests for oA or do I ask for an x-ray of hips etc, and if I have oA is there treatment or painkillers or aids which can be useful to support the injured places (such as my right thumb joint when I am writting the joint grinds and hurts so much holding a pen can be painful and my writting woeful)
I also have spondylosis in my lower back and neck.
Managed to avoid painkillers by going to physio and being very careful what I do but am getting to the point of needing painkillers :-( my doctors are terrible are there specialists to ask to see for oA?
never kicked up a fuss and insisted on seeing a specialist but it's time I got sorted.
I think "fibromyalgia type pain" is a vague thing to write are there tests for it, I certainly have a lot of symptoms which point to Fibromyalgia.
Thank you for your time.


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