Others mums with toddlers + RA?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm currently going through the diagnosis process of RA after being misdiagnosed + mistreated for a genetic blood disorder while pregnant. Two years on and one very energetic little boy later they have decided that I most probably have RA. I'm currently on MTX but GP feels its not working as have worst flare up ever these past three weeks with even more joints affected.

I'm really struggling to lead a normal life for my son and I wondered if there are any other mums here that are \ have gone through the same thing and have any advice / support as to how to make life as normal for the children as possible? My little one is getting so frustrated that he can't cuddle or play with mummy and that he is now being looked after by his as mummy can't pick him up or even get up the stairs.

I feel that no one seems to quite understand what is like.


Amanda x
Amanda x


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    Hi Amanda, you are not alone there are quite a few mums on here. I am fortunate that my flare ups are not so severe now that I'm sorted on medication, but my worst flare was after my 3rd child was born and I can remember it being awful feeling I couldn't parent. I used to hook ky newborn out of the cot by gripping her babygrow as I had no mobility in one ark and very limited in the other.
    School runs were a nightmare I had one in school one at preschool and a newborn, I could barely lift a pram or strap the baby in. I slept a lot and felt like the worst parent in the world because I would get everyone home from school and fall asleep rather than cooking dinner! But all is not over, I went on to have a fourth child followed by an excellent rheumy sorting my medication for the first time. My youngest two are 1 and 2 years old and I manage very well. I have the odd flare where I may need to ask a neighbour to take the older ones to school, buy other than that I cope alone.
    I think as well as medication you learn to listen to your body. I don't fit nearly half as much into my day as other mums I know. I only go out once or twice a week. If I choose to Hoover the house one day I won't do anything rose other than the everyday jobs. I plan very carefully ensuring I don't overdo it and if I feel myself going down hill I ensure I nap when the babies nap.
    I understand your newly diagnosed, so you'll now star a journey of to.ding the right treatment, and I wish the best for you. It's hard but the children survive it. My older girls at 9 and 5 now and live a normal life, but if I tell them I'm having a bad flare, they switch onto helper mode loading the dishwasher, feeding the younger siblings, even becoming my walking stick sometimes! And remarkably they don't argue if they know I'm having a bad day.