Could this be Fibromyalgia?

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I am looking for some advice. My 18 year old daughter has had problems with her hips and stomach for about a year now. After some tests the doctor has diagnosed her with IBS and Bursitis of the hips.

This last couple of weeks her hips have got that bad that she is having problems walking and sleeping at night and now she is complaining of shoulder pain after being at college and carrying a shoulder bag ( which does not have much in it so is not heavy) Her IBS is making her look like she is 6 months pregnant and it is all starting to get her really down. Our GP has sent off bloods to check for arthritis but says she doesnt expect them to back with anything. Her knees are also painful but the gp has put this down to the way she is walking when her hips are bad.

I came across fibromyalgia when looking for information about bursitis and noticed that it often is accompanied by IBS.

I dont want to go the gp suggesting this as she has been really good . But would be grateful if anyone could give me their thoughts.




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