what next i am at the end of my tether

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Hi team i am normaly on here about my son but i wonder if you could be of help to me. Three years ago i started to get hip and outer thigh pain and was treated for bursitis over a 2 year period , my symptoms never improved and in fact my mobility and pain just got worse and worse . The pain then started on the other side and after seeing a different ortho i was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and a tear in the labrum well this is where i hope you can be of some help i am 3 months post op from a hip arthrosopy and it has failed the op revealed that i have grade 4 arthritis of the head and the walls are badly deformed i am in so much pain and feel that i cannot go on any longer i am due to see my ortho next week and without becoming a weeping wreck need advise in what to say my pain in the groin area is severe and walking now more than 10 mins is unbearable i am 47 and he has already told me i am to young for a replacement hip . Thanks for reading hope you can give some advise . jenny


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    Hi Jenny

    Really sorry to hear about the pain you are going through and the feeling of not being able to continue like this.

    When you see the ortho next week it’s a good idea to mention the pain you are experiencing and ask what your options are in relation to doing something about it. Depending on the current pain medication you are on, you could ask your doctor or pharmacist if they have anything stronger to help you cope in the short term.

    You mention having a hip arthroscopy recently. I wondered if you saw a physio after this. Getting an appointment with a physio (unless you are currently seeing one) may help, as you would be able to get some treatment, like massage and ultrasound.

    Depending on how this all goes you could also ask your doctor for a referral to a pain clinic, but this may take a while before you are seen.

    We have general information on pain medication at http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/PublicationsandResources/Listedbytype/Booklets/main_content/Copingwithpainbooklet2011.pdf.

    You are welcome to ring us on 0808 800 4050 if you would like to have a chat about things.

    All the best

    Helplines Team
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    hi team

    i am also at the end of my tether as i have been on waiting list for knee replacement had call from hospital to say go to different hospital get it done within a month then get to other hospital to be told they dont do my op at other hospital so now back the the original hospital to wait but now i have no one to take care of me after the op so had to tell them i not available for my op october till end of december can any one tell me who i can speak to about going to another hospital to get it done sooner or if i can demand to go privet as at the moment i am in a lot of pain with a GP that wont look at my meds to help with the pain as i would be looking at morphine please can some one help
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    Hello Claire

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. I'm sorry to hear that you're having such a frustrating time at the moment. I do think that if you can find time to give us a call we'd be in a better position to go through all your options with you and hopefully allay your anxieties as well. Sometimes talking to someone can just help you to see things clearer and can open up options that you may not know are available to you.

    Right now, to answer your question about getting your knee replacement done privately, if you're in a position to do this then it could be done quicker than on the NHS. You can find out more about private consultants here:


    I wonder if it might be a good idea to take someone you know well with you to your next Gp appointment. That way if things get difficult for you, you have back up to explain exactly how bad the pain you're experiencing is.
    Do give us a call if you get the chance.

    Best wishes

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