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No not a real one, but a mock one to take place at our sports centre in January.
We have been asked to act as evacuees after a local chemical explosion and leakage, they want us to pretend to have any number of complaints when the sports centre is turned into a centre for evacuees and injured.
The whole idea is to see if the staff of the centre are up for it, that's a laugh they can't get things out in time now, it is going to be hilarious, although essential.
I have decided to be myself, that will fool them. :lol::lol:
Mind you I was an evacuee in the last war when we were bombed out, so I must be an expert. :shock: :)



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    You're braver than I am, arfaitis. I don't want to be dropped off a stretcher :lol: I'd be staying at home.
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    being january I hope that they salt the path way to the centre or else there could be some real casualties :shock:

    Sounds interesting :) you will have to tell us all about your experience :D

    Hope you enjoy it

    Love Juliepf x
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    i want to be some one with loads of make up on looking like burns etc would be great seeing how they look at me have great time val
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    Oh Arfa..you do make me laugh...I think they should have you organizing it...bet there aren't many evacuees there....now you give um what for... hope you enjoy it... :)
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    I was once a casualty for a mountain rescue training assessment, it is a good laugh so do enjoy Arfa and let us know how you get on. LV xx
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