The wonders of Skype

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I was just reading through the threads on here when a message popped up on my computer to say that my son was calling me on Skype. Since he went to live in Canada a few weeks ago, Skype has become a real friend to me. He's 8 hours behind us in Vancouver, so I'm usually sitting in my dressing gown and ready for bed when he calls. But what a wonderful invention Skype is :!: It's so lovely to be able to see my son and to have a chat with him as I'm missing him so much. I feel reassured after seeing him that he is happy and well, and enjoying his new life in Canada

I've also had a tour of his apartment via his computer. He carried it round all the rooms for me, so now I have a good picture of where he is living. He took it outside onto the balcony so that I could see the wonderful view over Vancouver, but he's on the 17th floor, so I was getting vertigo. I had to ask him to go back inside quickly.

Years ago, I wouldn't have believed that such a thing as Skype could ever exist, but I'm so glad that it does. :D

Joan :D


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    I use it sometimes but mostly my nipper does a lot, you imagine if there were no internet and no mobile phones when we woke up one morning, I think most people would suffer serious withdrawl if it happened.
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    Skype was vital for my husband and i when he as back in Australia sorting things out so he could come to live here. Early mornings and late nights for both of us but we got to see each other and chat everyday. It was hard but we kept saying how much harder it would have been with just airmail and expensive phone calls!
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    Brilliant invention..I keep in touch with my cousin in South Mell says can you imagine if all this technology was taken GDs cant believe we didnt even have a phone in the house... :)
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    I skyped for the first time last week - did it twice on the same day with different people! It is truly amazing - and a reminder to be fully dressed at all times! DD
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    We watch our little grandson grow and develop his skills week by week thanks to skype. If he's moving from using the bed as a trampoline (We have to count the jumps) to doing a jigsaw in the living room he always asks his Dad to "Bring Grandma and Grandad."

    It's not only brilliant for us but I realised, last time we went over there, that actually the biggest benefit was that, thanks to skyping every week, he still remembered us from the previous time when he was only about 20 months.
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    I love Skype as I have a friend who lives in the Netherlands, and we Skyped from the start of our friendship and still do now. It's a great invention and people couldn't do without it now!
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    So pleased to hear that you have had contact with your son via skype Joan i would imagine it gave you a fantastic uplift.Glad to hear he is enjoying his new life in Canada.