Feel inspired

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After reading valval's posting about her new diet, I now feel inspired to lose the weight I meant to lose :roll: before our niece from New Zealand came to stay.
I aim to lose 10lbs before Christmas and it's going to be difficult I know but I'm going to give it my best shot this time.

I've got a pretty top which I want to wear to a joint 50th birthday celebration just after Christmas. I bought it without trying it on (big mistake) and I've never been able to get in on :oops: . So here goes. Now what to have for dinner tonight - fish I think with a bit of salad on the side.

So I need my virtual friends' encouragement and I'll keep you posted.

Janet xx


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    You've got my support Janet! You sound like you have just the determination and mindset needed for the task. To help, if you get tempted with something naughty like cake or chocolate I'm here to help, have half of it and then virtually pass the rest on to me, I'll take one for the team! :D

    Good luck, enjoy your tasty sounding tea, it's tacos for me tonight, a bit of a treat and the first thing Mr LV ever cooked for me (I memorably dropped my engagement ring in one of them).

    Come back here if you need a bit of a team talk, you can and will do this!

    Love LV xx
    Hey little fighter, things will get brighter
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    Hi Janet pleased to meet you I'm new here, you sound as if you are focused and in the right frame of mind to do this and that is half the battle, I am so glad I joined this forum as everyone is so kind and friendly I'm sure there will be a few more along to cheer you on I have loads of low fat recipes if you want any give me a shout, I just posted one on this page earlier keep up the good work and keep us posted how you are doing........tc......Marie xx
    Smile a while and while you smile
    smile another smile and soon there
    will be miles and miles of smiles
    just because you smiled I wish your
    day is full of Smiles