Tell the AC researcher what you think of AC

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I’ve just spent an hour skyping (skypeing?) with a very nice young man and I’d urge the rest of you to do the same.

He is the one doing research for Arthritis Care. There’s a brief post at the top of the Living With Arthritis forum about it and, as you’ll see from the comments, I was initially sceptical in that I don’t readily call perfect strangers on their mobiles, nor do I invite them into my house via skype. Once I was given an email address, however, I felt happier as it seemed less intrusive and, once Tauheed had emailed me and fully answered any questions I asked, I was much happier about the whole thing. He seemed open and genuine. So, today we skyped.

I can tell you he is kind, smartly dressed (unlike his interviewee :oops: ) and incredibly patient, as my computer took one look at him and immediately crashed. Twice. (It’s not used to handsome young men: it normally only sees Mr SW.) Third time (and 20 mins later) we got ¾ of the way through the interview before it crashed again and I’d to finish on Mr SW’s laptop. Each time I returned Tauheed was waiting patiently for me and never once suggested I should chuck my aged computer in the bin and buy one that actually worked.

I really do urge you all to get in touch with him (details on the webmaster’s thread on LWA). Arthritis Care are seeking our views of the organisation and this is our chance to tell them what we think – good and bad. Many have complained in the past about the forums and how they are run – well, now is your chance to alter things. If ‘the powers that be’ don’t know how we feel, we can’t expect them to take our feelings into consideration.

Go on. Just do it. Email him. That doesn’t commit you to anything. You might never get this chance again.
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