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I use twitter a lot for work and through it met an author who is working on a book about the psychological aspects of having, being diagnosed with or living with someone who has arthritis!

She DM'd (private message) me yesterday asking if we could have a chat about living with arthritis and we spoke this afternoon. She was great and not at all 'head on the side' or 'you're so brave' about it all but did say that as she had (along with loads of people) assumed that only old people get arthritis she hadn't considered the aspect of work and how that is affected - she is now adding a chapter!

We had a really interesting discussion about people's attitude to the disease and how I have had some really odd reactions with regards to the stick I'm now using. We both feel that people are afraid as it could so easily happen to them - I was such a fit and active person that it pains other people to see me like this. I also realised while we were chatting that I not only use my stick for support but to make a barrier between myself and others, this is since I was barged into by a man at the bank causing me to step down a bit too quickly...

I can't wait to see the finished book, we also had a great chat about food and that Food Hospital programme - I had yet another person say to me that if I just followed a special diet I would be cured, they knew this to be the case as they saw that programme, all 10 minutes on that subject....obviously they are now a total expert!

Interesting day and I have already assembled a sort of lasagne ready to go in the oven for our tea as it is my turn to cook and OH needs to sort out his footy team for Saturday.

Just got to ferry it over there and hope that his cleaner hasn't chucked out his parsley plant as I want garlic bread! Tramadol is doing horrid things to my appetite and as I live to eat I'm trying to tempt it with tasty goodies....

What do you lot think about the book? She has written one about cancer survivors before and won awards. Would you have spoken to her?

Nic x


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    The book sounds really interesting do let us know when it is out to buy :-)

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    should be interesting reading but shame it not written by some one who suffers with it they would have such a different take on things val
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    I would have spoken to her, what put her onto this I wonder? There are so many mis-conceptions about what arthritis is and who it affects so a book like this should be a good thing. Will she think to include parents of children with it? I think I would read it in the hope of learning some new strategies for coping. Thanks nicchick, this sounds interesting. DD
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    Unless I have a specific ongoing concern ,I tend to bury my head in the sand try to get through the day .....( NORMAL ) being like other people so I avoid books miracle cures faddy diets ...and some years ago I Chucked out all my many books on the subject, but Nic at least you could give her much more info to help others as Val said you have to have it yourself to even begin to know the struggle good for you though .Marrianne :)
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    Sorry Highandlow, I may not have explained the reasoning behind it!

    The book is about coping strategies and how people are dealing with the difficulties they are facing. As for food, do you not think I or my OH would have tried that in the first place? Please don't assume that I automatically dismiss the idea, in fact I have a healthy fascination with food and do believe that people can make themselves feel better (or worse) with diet I just find that in my case it hasn't made any difference. I tend to try and keep fairly balanced and enjoy the food I do eat - a struggle at the moment as tramadol is taking away my appetite....:( as far as ESR levels go, mine are always low anyway despite having very bad inflammation right now - I have read that it's a pretty inaccurate test anyway and if the blood is more than 4 hours old worse than useless!

    I find the psychology aspect very interesting as I said and also look forward to reading it - she's using quotes from all sorts of people and asking their views so she's kinda collating people's experiences.

    Good point about children DD, I will message her later!

    Nic x

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