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Hello Everyone, My name's Samantha and I just wanted to introduce myself a bit.

I was diagnosed at 14 with RA, I've been on countless intravenous and oral meds throughout the years. I'm currently on Sulfasalzine and 5mg of prednisone, my pain is somewhat under control. I take 800mg of Motrin for pain occasionally. My pain mainly hits my wrist and knees, but can be all over of course. I work two jobs and attend school..I have 12 more months of nursing school to go(LVN).

Oh sheesh and I'm 22 years old lol. Almost forgot my age :lol:


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    Hi Samantha. It's good to meet you. I hope some other young people will be along soon. I definitely don't fall into that category though I did once :roll: I have RA too and was diagnosed at 15 but I'm now 66. I take methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine. With two jobs and nursing school you must be kept very busy. I wish you every success in your nursing career.
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    Thanks so much sticky wicket, it's good to meet you as well.

    I remember being on metho at one point but not being able to tolerate it well, it was years ago though so i'm not sure if I would have even gotten relief from it. :x

    I've only been on the sulfasalazine for about a months time now but the pills are horrid to swallow ugh, I find myself cutting them in half and I've been trying to ween myself off of prednisone for years now but always go back=/

    anywho, this is a great forum to be on seeing as though there aren't too many younger people I know with RA and older :D It's great to share experiences and tips hopefully.
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    Hey, Thoughti would post :D as im also a newbie just joined in hope of finding someone to talk to who genuinely understands :P im 18 and have suffered with arthritis, osteoperosis and vasculitis for 6years now, diagnosed for 4 :D i remember being on prednislone tookme two years to ween myself fully off it thank god!! take care x
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    Hi there

    Im new to this so I am going to introduce myself.

    My name is Sarah, i am 24 years old and I was dignosed with seronegative inflammatory arthiritis back in december. Main problem is my left knee but slowly developing it in my left hip and my fingers and toes.

    I have been experiencing problems with my left knee since i was 16 years old, and with 8 years of wrong diagnosis and going round in circles the diagnosis comes as a great relief. I am a staff nurse, and i have been off work with a big flare-up for 3 months and still not 100 percent. Its a long slow progress. currently recieving lots of physio/hydrotherapy and strong anti-inflammatory drugs. No steroids as yet, my consultant is reluctant at present.

    It will be nice to talk to other young people in the same position as me :)
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    Hi Sarah and welcome to our forums. I’m far from a young person though I was when diagnosed :roll: Mine is RA, with added OA, but we have a lot of sero-neg people on here. However, I suggest you also post on the Living With Arthritis form as it’s a much busier place and we do get quite a lot of younger people over there. Plus, at the end of the day, arthritis is arthritis whatever one’s age and pain is pain. We all share the frustrations and limitations.

    I’d expect the physio and hydro to help a lot and steroids, as I’m sure you’ll know, are a mixed blessing. Have DMARDS been suggested?

    Please join in anywhere you like. We’re a friendly lot :)