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HI all my little boy is 14 months old he got diagnosed with JIA at 9 months old he has it in both knees one ankle and 3 fingers he has had steriod injections and on methotrexate, he is getting better now he is on medication but i am having trouble giving it to him on a normal day he has to have

diclofenic twice a day
sytron 3 times a day
tummy settler one a day

and then on fridays hes has methotrexate

and on mondays he has folic acid aswell

but he dose not like taking medicine at all :(

the methotrexate i put into a yogurt but the rest is all done by a syringe
any advice would be great full thank you.


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    Hiya, My daughter is 22 months and point blank refuses to take medication from a syringe but takes it no problem from a spoon.
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    i have tried a spoon aswell and also a medicine dummy :( he does doesnt like taking any sort of medication.

    thanks x