Thank goodness its Friday!

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Hi Everyone, thanks for all of your support and ideas. I found out yesterday that I didnt get into next years London Marathon so thats my final connection with running out of the way - I feel relieved as I think I would have tried to do it, but know it would have been a disaster!! I feel alot better after reading your posts. I have also now persevered with the anti inflamatories and the pain is starting to settle down. Tried Aquarobics earlier today and that was ok. Have also had several dead sea salt baths and treated myself to a copper bracelet not sure if either will be of benefit but am willing to try. Thank goodness its Friday. Lis :D


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    Ooh Lissey

    Marathon , i could only eat one (snickers).Glad you are feeling better with the meds .Keep us updated with the dead sea salt baths .

    Fowls xx
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    Hello lissy45, I am sure that must be a bittersweet thing - something you love has gone (in its current form) and yet you feel relief. I am glad that the anti-inflammatories may be doing something - do you have a tummy protector too? It's a wise move to have those if you plan to be on these long-term. As for the copper, well, if it helps then that is what matters. I hope you have pleasant week-end. DD

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