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Dear Mermaid

I have pm'd you but you may not log in and just look in as a guest.

I just wanted to wish you well for Monday as I have remembered it is your 3rd spinal fusion . I wanted you to know I will be thinking about you and I wish you a speedy recovery.

Hope you have downloaded plenty of good books to your new kindle :wink:

Take Care

Love & (((((())))

Juliepf x


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    Hello mermaid, it's just me chipping in with my two 'pennorth. :) I too wish you well and I hope all goes smoothly. DD
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    Thanks Julie xx

    Mermaid I so hope it goes well for you and will be thinking of you. Cris xx
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    I would like to wish you well as well. :D
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    Will be thinking of you too on Tuesday...take care x Dee x
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    Good luck for Monday Mermaid, enjoy using your kindle! take it easy and hope to hear about it when your up and about again.
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    Good luck from me, too, Mermaid.
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    Hi Julie and all you other lovely people,

    Firstly I am so touched that you remembered Julie, that is so kind of you and all of you for your good wishes. Havent got the PM, so maybe not doing something right Julie?!

    I hope that you are all doing reasonably well today....?

    It has been an up and downy week as on attending the preadmission clinic with my neurosurgeon, he was a bit dismayed at the amount my head has dropped and proposed an even bigger surgery involving two teams of surgeons and special equipment he mght not be able to organise for tomorrow :?
    Much more risk than 1-2% paralysis too :roll:
    However head will continue to drop and swallowing and breathing can get difficult without intervention.

    Sent me home with all the consent forms and info and I spent 5 days going shall I/shant I?

    Almost decided to go for it when he phoned again to say having looked again at scans and x rays with the other team, given the osteoporosis and RA situation it is just too dangerous.

    So back to Plan A for tomorrow! On our way in a bit as it's a 3 hour journey and we are staying in a hotel to be at hospital for 7am.

    Will be back soon and will let you know how it goes. It'sthe 3rd level of fusion for me so I know what to expect - good or bad! They are very kind though and I have confidence in the surgeon, half the battle.

    Thank you so very much once again, you are wonderful and I will try to post more often.
    Take good care all of you,
    Love Lizxx
  • dreamdaisy
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    Oh boy. :( Mermaid, how very, very difficult for you, I am so sorry. I am in the midst of a family situation at the moment but I will try to spare a thought or ten for you, I promise. I wish you the very best - will OH be able to post an update on your behalf? Take the very best care - and yes, confidence in one's surgeon is always a good thing. (()) DD
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    Oh Liz, I just wanted to wish you well for all this. My, you have been through it. I know how I felt before my op and you were so supportive. In the end the the final decision was taken out of your hands. The surgeon sounds very caring and has your interests at heart. That makes all the difference when one has faith in the surgeon. It is no good if one does not, I have come to that conclusion in the past.

    Good thinking to stay in a hotel overnight, so as to be sure to be on time as it is such an early appointment.

    You are a brave soldier and I sincerely hope all goes to plan and I look forward to hearing from you, as soon as you feel able to do so.

    Love and gentle hugs
    Elna x
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    Aw Julie thanks for the reminder..
    Mermaid I will be thinking about you,I remember Julie and Elna with there ops, and look at them now, our Elna has a job...and our Julie, not sure what she is up to... :)
    I really do wish you well, and a speedy recovery xxx
  • julie47
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    Oh Merrmaid I am so Glad you saw this post and the lovely replies you have had.

    You poor love having all those thoughts whirring around in your head. You are one brave lady.

    I am glad that you have spent the night in a hotel, I hope that you managed some sleep.

    I am thinking about you today.
    Take care

    Love Juliepf xx

    BARBARA......Our Julie :lol: is a lady of leisure :lol::wink:
  • julie47
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    I am still thinking of you Mermaid

    I hope your op is now over and that you are comfortable and not in too much pain.

    Take care
    love Juliepf x

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