It's Mig's birthday!

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Well, nearly. :wink: It's 23.52 as I type and our lovely one will be the birthdagy girl in eight minutes' time. Happy Birthday my lovely, I hope you have a lovely day and that you are spoiled as much as you deserve. DD
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    Same here, mig. Have a lovely day and do all the things you want to do (that your joints will allow :wink: )
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    I hope it's a good one.
    Sebastian sends a kiss X
    Best wishes Numpty
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    Happy Birthday Mig, I hope it's a good one

    Numps x
    Numps x
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    Happy birthday, Mig. I hope you have a lovely day.


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    A very h100.gif

    We hope you have a good day and this lot are AWOL with some muberlings about the bumps.....Enjoy your day flower. Cris and the Employers xx
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    Hi Mig...Happy Birthday, have wonderful day...from all the AC Moderators xxx
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    hi mig have great day


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    Have a cracker of a day Mig. Hope you have much fun and cake.
    Lots of love, LV xx
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    Happy Birthday Mig have a great weekend .Marrianne :)
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    Many Happy Returns Mig, have a lovely day xx
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    Hhhhaaaaappppyyyyyyy biiirrrrthdaaaaaay!!!!!!
    (that was me singing to you, you lucky person :lol:)

    Wishing you a lovely day filled with happiness, laughter, love and cake! And of course, wishing you health and happiness in the year ahead.

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    Happy Birthday Mig have a great day.........Marie xx
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    just because you smiled I wish your
    day is full of Smiles
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    Happy Birthday Mig....hope you have a great day x Dee x
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    Happy birthday Mig have a fantastic day.x
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    Wishing you a very happy birthday Mig, hope you are having a great day today. 8) :D

    Elna x
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    Very , very happy birthday , Mig . Enjoy your day . Jillyb
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    Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY..I hope you are having a lovely day xx
  • mig
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    Thank you for all your good wishes,I have had a lovely day but the best time is now cuddled up with granddaughter watching x factor,she's staying the night,she's 9,so its warm hot chocolate for both of us and a biscuit.Mig
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    Have a lovely day Mig. x