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Well...yesterday was an interesting and long day! I arrived at the MRI suite for the scans on my chosen foot and hand (as instructed on the telephone) and then was told that they were only going to scan a hand and wrist!

No-one knew why I had been told they were going to do both and although I had originally been relieved to be told (again on the phone) that I wasn't having the whole of me done as I wasn't super keen to go in the tube I then found out that I had to go in head first and face down with said hand ahead of me in a superhero pose, not an easy one to keep still - my knees were killing me at the end of the hour and a quarter!

And....I'm prepared for some comments and clever responses here and as for what OH said when I talked to him about it last night....

I read that you don't feel anything during the scan but I did, whether it was the clamp holding my hand still and nerve responses or the visualization - I used to meditate a lot and visualize to cope with stress - I definitely felt something...

The other thing....and OH did point out that I am on full dose of celebrex and tramadol right that yesterday evening, during the workshop I was running I felt great! I didn't need my stick and went up and down stairs with little difficulty, it's been a long time since I did that - OH had recommended I take the max dose of celebrex in one go rather than spreading it out as that had been what he had done and found it worked.

BUT - I am definitely less stiff this morning....and I'm prepared for the scoffs and dismissals here...I was thinking about this on my way home last night...the magnets that they use in the imaging and the magnets in those clever bracelets (that if we all wore we would be magically cured) even if the effect is only temporary or if it is a result of jiggling the meds, I do feel *different* post MRI.

I felt shockingly bad for a few hours after - nauseous and disorientated, stiff as a board and looking very 'mad, old lady-ish' a lovely porter felt sorry for me and my ability to follow directions and insisted on walking me to the reception desk! :)

I'll keep taking the pills....

Nic x


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    Wow, that was a very long scan. I've only ever had my knees done and that was over in about 25 minutes. Face down with arm stretched out? Ye gods - I can't imagine anything worse.

    There often seems to be a disparagement between what we are told will be done and then what is. I guess it comes down to cost, these things are not cheap my any means and I suppose their finances are limited. I hope you had the most troublesome bit done and I hope the scan reveals something. As to the 'benefit' well, the main thing is you felt better and that is what counts. I loved Celebrex when I was allowed to have it, I would take one night and morning and yes, I could feel a difference. Lovely stuff! :) Enjoy today - it's going to be a lovely one weather-wise. Take care. DD
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    I'm so glad you're feeling alot better, long may it last but please don't overdo things. My mri was also over an hour and I was in agony by the time it was over. I also had sort of a warm sensation when in the scanner which was not unpleasant but the noise of those things is horrendous and I had ear thingys on :lol: .

    x Dee x
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    I won't overdo things and still with added stick as my knees are reminding me not to rely on them too much!

    OH said the reasoning for two pills in the am was to cut the inflammation promptly and efficiently but then of course the drawback is it wears off later in the day when (as he helpfully pointed out) I SHOULD be winding down anyway....

    I'll try it for a bit and then see what effects it has.

    Oh, the banging was awful - I've got building going on next door to the shop and it's reminding me!!!!

    Have good weekend fun everyone, it is lovely today here in Suffolk!

    I've got another soap making workshop this afternoon with lovely people and then we are doing nothing at all.....

    Nic x
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    Hi Nicchick

    yes mri scans are noisy aren't they. There is no chance of falling a sleep in them :lol:

    Hope your work shop goes well :)

    enjoy the rest of the weekend

    love juliepf x
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    You too Juliepf!

    Off to have a quick drink with OH in posh pub over the road now, he's been at footy - hope they won!

    Nic x
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    Hi Nikki

    Well done you that did NOT sound like fun at all :shock:

    I am glad it's done, but surely there really ought to be better ways than that :roll:

    Really i hope you are feeling ok now and that the scan shows something treatable :)


    Toni xxx

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