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Hello all, I was a member here a year or so ago, but am unable to log in so have decided to re-register.

After 20 odd years of pain I was finally diagnosed with sacroiliitis last year, which I believe is a form of arthritis, this usually affects my hips, and I spend each day, all day in some form pain, like most, if not all of the members on here.

Three months ago I began to have pain in my knees every time I sit, stand up or climb the stairs. I also have pain in my wrists and a few of my fingers but I have no swelling at all.

I also have a long electric shock type pain in my lower back where the cocyx is, every time I sit back in a chair or try to dress/undress my bottom half.

I went to my GP who suspects that I also have inflammatory arthritis, but I have to wait until November when I see my rheummy to see what he thinks. I am not too convinced that I do because I have no swelling or is it possible to not have swelling?

So that is me, and I hope to make new friends here soon xx


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    Hello Mumof1. I'm glad you managed to make your way back to us.

    I have RA but it's so long since I was diagnosed, I can't remember if you can have the inflammatory stuff without swelling. However, I think it's good that you are being referred to a rheumatologist as they are the ones who know all about the diagnostic stuff, not us.

    If you post this thread on the Living With Arthritis forum I'm sure others will come along who can identify with what you are describing better than I can. I hope to see you around.
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    Thank you for the welcome,

    I already see the Rheumatologist for the sacroiliitis so these will be new problems for him to sort out. Oh and I forgot that my blood results have always came back showing that I have inflammation but that could be due to the sacroiliitis.

    I look forward to chatting soon xx
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    Hello, it's nice to 'meet' you again - I wish I could be of some help but, alas, I don't have a clue. I was very lucky in that my inflammation was very visible and always showed in my blood tests (it turned out I have PsA) but as you already have contact with a rheumatologist that is a good thing. Everyone is different in what happens and how they are affected - we will help with support and information as much as we can. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Mumof1 welcome I am pretty new here I'm sorry I can't help you I have OA but if you re-post on LWA forum as SW suggested I'm sure someone there will be able to help you hope to see you around........tc...........Marie
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