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Hi everyone. I have OA and my back is very badly affected resulting in severe pain which affects my mobility and almost everything I try to do. Have just returned from yet another visit to my GP this morning. She is really trying to get my pain relief sorted, but we are not having much success at the moment. I cannot take anti-inflammatories, have tried Gabapentin - which I had to come off as had such awful side effects) as well as other meds in the past and we are now trying pain patches. Started off with a very low dosage but with little effect and GP has been increasing strength gradually. So far it is not giving me any additional pain relief. I take Paracetamol but that hardly touches the pain and also have pain relieving gels to put on my back. Have had physio and hydro-therapy in the past. Although the hydro-therapy helped whilst I was in the water, once out the pain returns. I am trying to find ways of making everything as easy as possible for myself at home but am finding that despite massive efforts to try and ignore the pain, it does at times really get me down. If anyone knows of a 'magic forumula' ??? !!! or can suggest anything else I can try, should love to hear from you. This forum is the best thing out and I only wish I had discovered it earlier. Have been telling my GP all about it so that she can let other patients know that there is help and support around if you persist in trying to find it. Kentish Lady.


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    Hi Kentish Lady,

    If your pain is very severe then it's a really tough one. A referral to a pain clinic is usually a good idea, and this would be a case of exploring all of the possible self management too.

    A good expert guide to back pain would be helpful - getting a copy of one of the books on back pain written by Dr John Tanner is one idea - they are easily found online cheaply.

    Joining a self management group is a good move and I know that you'll find lots of detailed suggestions if you post on the Living with arthritis part of our forum.

    Healthy eating (losing weight) is recommended as well as strengthening your core back muscles. Increasing daily intake of omega 3 fish oil is also looking like a good thing too.

    If you are having a bad day you can always consider giving us a ring if you want.

    I hope that gives you some ideas.

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    Thanks for your advice Guy. I have been taking Omega 3 for a long while. Have been to pain clinic but could only suggest increasing strength of pain-relieving gel. The consultant did suggest the possibility of having injections but I am VERY reluctant to have these. He did say that there was no guarantee that they would help and if they did might only be for as little as a few days. Injections in general don't bother me in the least but having them in my back does as there is always the remote possibility that that I might end up in a worse state than I am now. I know that they do help some people but I have spoken to a lot of people who also find that they don't. I go out as much as I possibly can (being at home on my own makes me feel worse at times) and the Pain Consultant told me he was amazed at what I manage to do - however, he hasn't seen me when I get home when the pain from having gone out is 'sky high'!! It is then I wonder whether it is worth the effort and pain to try and go out and I know others on the forums will understand what I am saying. I do try to be as careful as possible with my diet, although I don't think it has made an difference. I should like to exercise more but the pain prevents me from doing so. If only the pain could be controlled somehow then I would be able to walk more, but the more I walk, the more pain I get. The only time it eases very slightly is when I sit down, and the Pain Consultant explained to me that this is often the case with back problems such as mine. However, I intend to try and get out as much as possible although there are times when I know I just have to rest. Shall continue to use the forums as I find them great support. Kentish Lady
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    Hi Kentishlady, I an a member of the forum and am sorry to hear of your pain. I am not sure what kind of pain you have and where in your spine it is coming from. I had injections in my lower spine for sciatica on 3 December 2009 and have been painfree from sciatica since that date (touch wood). a year ago I have had an operation fairly near the top of the spine due to compression on the spinal cord, which was not pain so much but symptoms in my hands, arms and legs.

    I am sorry that I have no magical forumae to offer you, I sincerely wish I had.

    Elna x

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