Bit of a kick in the teeth

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Hi all, Phoebe had her appointment at L.G.I. today, they are going to be keeping an eye on her now as they thought her right middle finger was swollen, her left ankle they are watching and they are keeping an eye on her Jaw looks like she def has arthritis in it. She's a bit stiff getting out of bed now it's getting colder. They have changed her meds :o (just when we thought she was going into remission) from 10mg a week up to 15mg a week for 8 week then up to 20mg a week thereafter. She is to have monthly blood test up to 3 months after it changing. So I am def disputing the DLA decision. Just when we thought she was going into remission. Hope every one is doing alright my heart goes out to those who are really not having a great time of it at the moment xxxx

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    Hi little mummy2 I feel for you as a child arthritic myself I know my mum felt helpless and still blames herself but stay strong and your daughter will show you how resilient and stubborn she can be with regards to her condition.
    She will look for you when she needs to but let her try things herself first, I found when people "took over" it infuriated me. I may take longer and do things slightly differently but I wanted to prove to myself I could do it! Good luck xxx :D