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I am currently in somerset and MAY be moving to scotland in the next 12 month - does the NHS automatically continue with my anti tnf drug supply regardless of where I am situated or is there a post code lottery for continued support when I move. How do I stand legally also?


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    Hi there Wkdgal,

    Thanks for your post to Helplines. I can well imagine that considering moving is a biggie, having got through the NHS and made it onto Anti-TNF and all that that entails. Generally it should not be too difficult as far as your treatment goes. Your current rheumatologist is going to want that your drug be uninterrupted and will want to support you. (There will be some paperwork that they'll need to make sure is in order within your medical notes I think, but check with your rheumaology nurse in due course.)

    But the prospect of this kind of change will involve new doctors and nurses, I know medical staff can move jobs and leave, but seldom all at once. I hope you will have the chance to be nearer some of that amazing scenery and lovely fresh food (especially fish).

    If you'd like a chat or some information do please give us a ring.

    Posting on the 'Living with arthritis forum' as well is a really good way to hear other people's experiences of this kind of move.

    I hope that's helpful


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