Steroid injections

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Any one got any experience of them? My nearly two year old is having one in her knee next week.


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    I have personal experience not, as you know, as a parent but just as someone with RA. For me, and for many, they work brilliantly. They're by no means a cure (though it does seem like it at the time) and some get very little relief but, if they work, they can work for several weeks/months. I know adults are told to rest for 48 hours afterwards to help them to work. I'm not sure how to do that with a small child. I do hope they help your little one.
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    I've had three altogether into my hands but I'm an adult so that has to be taken into consideration, of course. I had injections of Kenalog and Marcain (steroid and local anaesthetic). Each one felt slightly different as it went into a different "space". It was over in a very short time and I felt some pain relief almost immediately. The second injection I had in particular felt fine and the pain relief has been wonderful. I hope this is the experience for your two-year-old. I certainly have no dread of having another injection in the future.
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    i've had many steroid injections in my knees, shoulder, elbow and even knuckles and haven't had much luck. Saying that every person is different and i know others it has worked well for. Just make sure you rest the joint in question for 24 hrs after and don't try doing to much after. As a child arthritic myself my mum got me arts and craft stuff i did on a tray in bed, we had picnics on the bed, reading time and tv snuggles with loads of munchies to keep me still. even putting a computer console in her bed room or make a tent on her bed. either that or try the same type of thing on the sofa.

    good luck xx
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    Thanks for replying every one, getting her to rest is going to be hard, shes still to young to sit for a long time. Think my best bet will be to take her out for the day so i can keep her in her pram or in the carrier.
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    That will be tough, hope the injection works well for her.

    Deb x
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    My daughter is now 14 and has JIA since she was 18 months old in her knees and ankles. She has had several steroid injections over the years in both her knees and ankles, when she was younger under a general anasethetic and when she got braver and older using numbing cream and laughing gas! I must say they have always been a huge success and she benefited from having them done almost immediately. As other people have said they do usually only last about 6 months but I think they are well worth it. My daughter had to rest for 24 hours afterwards, which she happily did watching a few DVD's :)
    I hope all goes well.
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    My daughter is 4 and has arthritis in her knee a recent check up appointment showed another flare up and it had gone into her ankle and her jaw. She is due to have more steroid injections on the 7th November. They worked wonders for my daughter. She was diagnosed in April last year with her first steroid injections in May 2011. This lasted her a year as she had more steroid injections in May this year although this time it only lasted 4 months and came in two other places. I couldn't believe the difference in just a couple of days the swelling almost disappeared.I hope all goes well for you. Good.luck x factor :)