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Hi, I'm Debbie/ I was diagnosed with Arthritis 9 years ago and just decided to join this forum as I am in constant pain. One of the worst places are my thumbs and it is now making life very difficult as the pain is there with everything I do. I would love to hear from anyone who gets this in their thumbs?



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    Hi Deb,

    I suffer with hypermobility in all my fingers which is just as painful as my arthritis. My thumbs are becoming unbearable at the moment so i know just how you feel. I'm trying to learn different ways to do things to put less pressure on my thumbs but it is difficult. I'll let you know if anything works :?

    Kat x
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    Hi Debs, Kaz,

    I have the thumb problem's too holding a pen to write is unbareable
    and yes i'm always looking for new ways to do things but every day is
    So i sympathise with you both.

    P.M.A Positive Mental Attitude.
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    Lovely to meet you Debs and welcome to our forums :D

    There is a lass on here who had surgery only the other day for her thumbs. Believe it or not she actually texted me to say she is alright!

    So if needs be at least there IS hope (She is a Debbie too :wink: )

    You don't say which form of arthritis you have? Is it OA? I think the lady I refer to has OA and fibro.


    Toni xxx

    Toni xxx
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    Hi Debbie and welcome........I have OA in my hands also sensory nerve damage, yes I can sympathise, every day is a challange finding ways to do the simplest tasks, with trial and error usually get there in the end..........lovely to meet x
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