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Hi my is Paul I am 55 years old and I have osteoarthritis in both ankles.in nov or dec I am going in too have a fusion in my left ankle .when I get over that I will be having an ankle replacement in my right ankle.i would just like toknow if anybody out there has had the same. I also have osteoarthritis in my left sub talas joint in my foot .


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    Hi Smig

    Lovely to meet you :) welcome to the forums from me.

    My BIL just had his second ankled fused about 2/3 weeks ago and is doing well. The first was done earlier this year. He has done really well and not regretted either operation. He had tried I think an arthroscopy first.


    Toni xx
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    Hi Paul
    And a warm welcome form me, we have quite a few people that have had ankle fusions and replacements, if you put a post in LWA with the heading Ankle fusion or replacement I am sure someone will be along with advice.
    Hope to hear more from you very soon x
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    Hi Paul hello and welcome to a great place, it is full of caring supportive people with a lot of knowledge, sorry can't help you with the ankles as my problems are with my hands, as Barbara suggested repost on LWA and I am sure someone will be along soon, hope to see you around.......Marie
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    Hi Paul, my name is Christine, I am 47yrs old, and am on the waiting list for either an ankle fusion or a replacement. (the surgeon is happy to do either, and I need to make up my mind by next appointment on 7 dec). Think i will go for the fusion, as thats what he seems to be recommending most. He says replacements dont last long. What have you been told about lifespan of replaced ankle? Would love to know what is the reason for you having one of each op on either ankle...it might help me make my mind up!
    How active are you? I am a nurse, so on my feet all day. Only managing to do 1 or 2 days a week because of pain and swelling. Are you working?
    can i ask what pain control you are on? I am in such pain, and nothing my GP has tried so far helps. Have you found anything effective?
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    Hi there I had fusion because my ankle was so deformed .an ankle replacement would not have worked.my other ankle is a lot better and will take an ankle replacement.i do not take pain killers I just put up with the pain. They got rid of me at work.i have been told an ankle replacement can last 10 to 15 years maybe longer.
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    Hi my name is Wendy, I'm 43 and had my left ankle fused in September with a steel rod through the bottom of my foot into my leg. I had Rheumatoid Arthritis as a child and Secondary Osteo. My left ankle was collapsed and very deformed so a hind foot nail fusion was the only answer. The right one isn't quite as bad so will be made stable through keyhole surgery and then hopefully I'll have a replacement on that one.

    The operation went to plan and I had my plaster off yesterday. So I am now partial weight-bearing in an Airboot and crutches. I haven't a clue what its going to be like walking on a completely flat foot with no ability to adjust for uneven ground or hills.

    I'm hoping someone on the forum can let me know how they manage.
    Very good luck for your operation. And if you have trouble with arthritis in your upper body, ask for a K9 leg trolley.

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