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Hi, not sure what happened to my previous try at typing this message, but it seems to have disappeared for some reason, so will have another try. I should be very glad if you could give me any advice please. I know DLA is available to those under 65 with mobility problems, but from what I understand, it is not available if your mobility problem was diagnosed after you are 65? I believe in that case there is a Personal Care Allowance which is obvious only available if you need help with washing, dressing etc. I do not need that. Presumably there is no other benefit available that I could claim. My problem is with my mobility as I have OA with my back badly affected. Of course, it also affects other things I try to do - like housework. I guess the answer is that if you are going to get OA then it would seem to be better to get it before you reach 65 in order to receive any help?!!! Beryl


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    Dear Beryl,

    I am glad you did try to write this again, If you are over 65 and have difficulty walking or at risk of falling for example you may be entitled to Attendance Allowance which is a non-mean tested benefit for over 65s. I would encourage you to have a look to our fact sheet on the matter and give us a call if you would like to discuss things further. If however you feel you may be entitled but need help filling the forms, you might try contacting your local Age UK/ Age Concern who may have a benefits adviser who could help.

    Hope this link helps and please feel free to pick up the phone for further assistance.

    Best Wishes

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    Dear Simona,

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, have heard about the attendance allowance but have been told that is only available if you need personal care which, luckily, I don't. It obviously is a question of managing as best I can - like many others on these forums. I just felt that it would be nice to find out if I was entitled to anything so that I could use the benefit to maybe get some help with some of the housework which I find so difficult and painful to cope with. Thanks anyway. Hope you all realise how much your website and these forums are appreciated. Like all the others who use them, I think they're great. Beryl

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