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Hi all

Just a quick hello, diagnosed with RA nearly 10 years ago (or vagueish inflammatory arthritis, I'm sero-negative) - currently stuffed to the gills with mtx and Enbrel which is working to a point l but I could be better controlled.

Just coming up to the dreaded transfer over to ESA from IB and have been reading useful advice here, will likely pop up with some specific questions on that score (I have a fair idea what I'm in for but the more sources of info the better).

Anyway, greetings to all -



  • stickywicket
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    Hello Toady. It's good to meet you. Mine's RA too but I'm lucky enough to get by reasonably on a meth/hydroxy combo.

    Yes, please put any questions you have on the Living With Arthritis forum and I'm sure you'll get plenty of replies. I can't help on the ESA thing. I'm too old :roll: I hope to see you around.
  • frogmorton
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    Hi Toady

    I have the same as you no Rfactor so who knows :wink:

    Sorry you are about to suffer the IB to ESA torture.....if you look on LWA there are threads and if they are not visible you can do a 'search'.

    Lovely to meet you

    Toni xx
  • Loulou11
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    Hi toady, welcome to the site, I haven't been here long myself but finally feel like I belong somewhere. I have RA to for 40 years (I'm 42) and make sure I make the most of every day the best I can.

    Sorry can't help with the ib>>>>> esa thing but do have benefit knowledge if that's any good!

    Good to meet you and see you around.
  • toady
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    What a nice welcome, many thanks all. stickywicket, I did well on plaquenil for a long time and hoped I would carry on settling on it - in fact was utterly determined I would, and that I'd never take mtx, staved it off for a looong time but had to cave in the end. Well ESR of 109, what are you gonna do.. :roll: Blah.

    Have made a first post re ESA, will break down any queries into simple chunks, I'm having to approach the whole thing like ESA for dummies - if I start reading huge chunks of guidelines & dwp blurb, brain won't take it in. :wink:

    When/if I get through the whole benefits thing, will hope to post in a more general vein.

  • knuckleduster
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    Hello Toady

    Can't help with the RA and meds as I have OA. But just wanted to say welcome to the forum.

    Janet x
  • ShulaArcher
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    I'm also newish but quickly finding that it's easy to settle in. I had my ATOS assessment last week, so waiting for the pronouncement. I've been getting ESA since late August. (I have OA and fibromyalgia) Will look for your other posting about ESA and give a bit more info there.

    Best wishes, Shula

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