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It's good to have found you all. I have been reading all the posts and know now that there are people out there who know what I'm going through.

I was at the doctors a few weeks ago and said I thought I had the flu, without the high temperature. I ached all over - my right and left hips, my neck, both knees etc. I went for a blood test and x-ray. The blood test has come back at 75, whatever that is - but the doctor is sending me off to see a rheumatologist as the level ought to be much lower!

I'm now 50, but used to take anti inflammatories as a teenager due to my fingers being swollen and painful, then again in my 30's as I had a houseful of little children (we were foster parents) and I had pain in my hips/back. However, each time I have lost weight and the pains have eased so no more ibuprfoen etc for me.

Now, the only thing that helps the pain, a little, is naproxen. But the pain whilst I'm in bed is sometimes intolerable. Anyway, I have now got an appointment at the hospital on 7th December.

To make matters worse I have a mental health issue, which means that I shouldn't take any NSAIDs, as they react with another drug that I take - so I'm hoping for no heart attacks or strokes before December :?

I'm also on DLA already, highest rate for care and the lower rate for mobility. I also have Access to Work pay for a taxi to work for me, as I've just returned to teaching after a few years off sick.

Well, that's me. I'm female, btw, and have an amazing husband who cooks, cleans and does stuff around the flat, as well as working part time.

I look forward to hearing about each one of you as time goes on.



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    Hello Margaret and welcome to the forum.

    It’s good that your GP has arranged for you to see a rheumatologist but I guess December must seem a long way away as things stand right now. I’m afraid I can’t help with the blood test. I know what I’ve got (RA) and I know how long I’ve had it (too long :roll: ) and I don’t do the number thing as it doesn’t seem to bear much relationship to how I feel :)

    It must be quite stressful knowing that you are having to take NSAIDS which might react with your other meds but I think, in this situation, one has to concentrate on the ‘might’. If the risk was high I doubt your GP would prescribe them and, as you are aware of the possibilities, I’m sure you’ll be on your guard.

    As for not being able to sleep at night for the pain, has he given you any paindullers? Maybe he needs to know how difficult it is for you. He might be assuming the naproxen will do the job on its own.

    Please join in on any of the threads. Living With Arthritis and Chit Chat are where most of us hang out. I’ll look forward to seeing you around.
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    Hello Margaret,

    I'm from Kent too, I have osteo-arthtritis in my whole spine,
    Fibromyalgia And a few other things.

    I too will be at hospital on the 7th December to see my spine doctor
    to go over my last M.R.I results not much they can do for me but
    it's to check that the fall i had in the bath didn't cause a break or something worse.

    Well i hope you get some answers for the good and not bad.

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    Hi Margaret

    Lovely to meet you and to welcome you to our forums :)

    As you have read a lot of our posts you will know what a lovely bunch of folks are on here and what the different forums are for. I hope to see you joining in here and there.

    I am guessing your GP suspects some sort of inflammatory arthritis as he has referred you to a rheumatologist.

    Tricky one for you with the two meds interacting like that. I bet you don't want to mess with the anti-Ds though :? Hopefully the rheumy will have some ideas to solve that issue and your GP thinks it is a risk worth taking.


    Toni xx
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    Hi Margaret

    A big welcome from me, as you have seen by reading the posts what a great bunch of people there are on here, I have not been here long myself and the support I have had has been fabulous, I live on my own and it has been my saving grace to be able to come on here and say how I feel, I have OA in my hands and a few other things going on, I hope you get some positive answers soon and look forward to seeing you around..............tc...........Marie x
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    Hello mld, it's lovely to meet you and I hope we can help with information and support. I guess that figure of 75 referred to an inflammatory marker such as CRP or ESR? I remember those figures well. :wink: I've been having a bit of a rough time lately so won't hang around but I hope you will soon be joining in with our discussions - you will be most welcome. I wish you well. DD
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    Hello Mld. Its nice to meet you and welcome to the forum. I have RA and hope you get some answers yourself when you attend hospital. By the way, my own parents were foster parents for over thirty years.

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    Thank you for the warm welcome.

    I went to London for the day to see my sister in law. We had a great time, but I ache and I'm shattered!

    Anyway, again, thank you for the welcome and I'll see you all about the forum.

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    Hi Margaret. Welcome to the forum. It's nice to have someone else from Kent (I live near Maidstone). Do hope you can get sorted out soon and get some relief. I live on my own and find some days very difficult. I have OA in my back with 3 discs affected. I had a fall last week and currently have my right wrist in a splint - very painful and uncomfortable. The fall hasn't done my poor back much good either so am also suffering with that too. Have also had a frozen shoulder for almost a year - which was almost better - but that seems to have taken a turn for the worst, so at the moment I am feeling very fed up. I am sure you will find everyone on the forums very friendly and supportive as we all understand each others' problems. Take care. Beryl.

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