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I got fed up with going to the GP's only to be told "take some paracetamol" like I was when I first went to the docs with the pains behind the ears.
Anyway back in 2007 I wrote this, done tongue in cheek, because I know we really can't do without them, that is why I have put it in chit chat.

The Painkillers

The painkillers take them away
They are killing people everyday
Maybe you have a heart attack
Or pull a muscle in your back

Fall down and bang your head
Might be lump that hadn’t bled
Might be bleeding inside your skull
Bloody painkillers the pain did dull

They can do more harm than good
Take them for we are told we should
For this pain that won’t go away
The pain you get almost every day

You know it almost drives you crazy
The pills will make your mind hazy
If you take the pills the pain will go
Only to come back in an hour or so

You can’t lift your shoulder today
Take a some pills it will go away
Your knees hurt badly what can you do
Take some more pills one or two

Pills are the cause of most of your ills
Wonder how many people they kills
There will be no true figures shown
Cause of death is completely unknown

As they carry us out in our wooden box
You had been too many times to the docs
On your grave will be the inscriptions
He got to many bloody prescriptions

Copyright © - Arthur Kebble 2007 - All rights reserved


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    :lol::lol::lol: well done Arfa.....Marie x
    Smile a while and while you smile
    smile another smile and soon there
    will be miles and miles of smiles
    just because you smiled I wish your
    day is full of Smiles
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    Nice Arfa. :lol:
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    I love it :lol::lol: maybe you could get it published x
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    I like the inscription on the grave, Arfa :lol:

    I wonder how many graves that inscription would apply to- probably millions!
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    On the path to drug addiction your never alone, you have a monkey to lead you down it and a turkey waiting at the other end for you!.
    It's ac strange old world, the bigerst dealers are GP's and they can prescribe you all the A class drugs you ever wanted but they can't give you far less harmful safer none adictive neuropathic pain control such as Sativex as it's illegal here, the law is a total **** that's why I ignore it these days.
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    Another well-written poem Arfa

    thank you

    Toni xx