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Are you surprised when you receive good service these days :?:
We seem to get so much poor and indifferent service that we've almost come to expect it when ordering anything.

However, we've just had some new loose covers made for our two old sofas by a firm which advertises extensively in the press. Their service has been really efficient so I'm very impressed. They came on the dot of any appointment time and couldn't have been more helpful. There was no pressure at all to buy, and the rep was very experienced and gave good advice.

They delivered the covers this morning, so my two old sofas now look like brand new. The delivery men were great and carried the conservatory furniture which we've been using back into place before bringing in the two sofas. They then checked that everything was exactly as we had ordered and that we were happy with everything before we settled the bill.

I'm not trying to advertise, but everything has gone so smoothly, with no hitches, so I'm quite surprised. We've had some very poor service from time to time by some other firms in the past.

The company is based in Preston, so it must be the good Lancashire people in charge
As I'm a Yorkshire lass, that is high praise indeed :lol:



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    it lovely when you get the service that you deserve glad it turned out so well val
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    I am really pleased Joan

    not only excellent service, but that you ahve been able to recycle your 'old' suite and turn it into a sparkling 'new' one :D

    They deserve your praise


    Toni xx
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    Puts your faith back in humanity, gives you the feel good factor when you get great service, enjoy your "new" sofas Joan.......Marie x
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    I agree with you Joan it's always brilliant when you get good service.
    When we got married 35 years ago we could only afford one armchair and we decided to go for quality and bought a conventional Parker Knoll, then six months later bought another one. They survived four house moves and two children and became rather tatty but still comfortable to sit in. Two years ago I sent them off to a local furniture restorer and they came back better than new!

    Janet xx