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Hi all i'm going to do a couple of posts today this one is to let you know how i'm doing and whats going on in my life. As you all know I have had no end of heart break and health problems. Ill try to keep it short. Mum died 10 years ago but we still had dad who remained in the family home, Now that dad has gone the family home is going and the memories of lifetime going with it. Seeing the house almost empty now as most of the stuff has been given away is so hard. Its the little things like the picture on the wall Mums collection of spoon rests the photographs and all the little things we take for granted like ornaments just the small things they loved, Dads wheel chair well you know the sort of thing i’m talking about thought I was getting better but just writing this is hell. I’m going to write you a little thing called The Dragon fly some of you might have seen it but it gave me so much compfort I do hope Tony reads it. Thanks for being there.


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    Colin I remember this well, my dad was the last to go, and I had to empty there house...it broke my heart having to go through personal things...and to get ride of there prize possessions, so I have now made up my mind to down size before I have to put my family through this , hopefully it will will work.
    You take care Colin x
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    Hey Colin. It can be so hard having to sort things out when someone you love passes. Your memories are painful now but im sure the time will come when they will be a great comfort to you. God bless you.

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    Colin, I remember the heart break well when we had to empty Dads house. We have kept'ed a couple of his favorite orniments and they are in our house (he did have good taste). It has been hard selling a lot of his stuff and the hardest was selling his home and car.
    The memories will always be with us, and when we see relations and family talking about Dad has been slowly getting easier.
    You know if you ever wanna talk (about anything) just message me. I send you a warm (((HUG))) and I think about you all the time dear Colin. I'm sure we all do. Take care. bubbadog/Amanda.