Oh dear, perforated eardrum

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Had my ears syringed about three weeks ago and the left one has been feeling irritable ever since. Thought I had better get it checked out in case it was an infection, only to be told I had a perforated eardrum more than likely caused by the syringing.

Hopefully it will repair by itself because I've just read what happens if it has to be surgically repaired and it doesn't sound very nice.

Janet xx


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    Awe Janet sorry to here that it must be so sore, hopefully it will repair itself soon without any problems and too much pain.........tc......Marie xx
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    Gosh Janet :shock:

    I hope you are Ok? My Mum perforated hers when I was little and I remember the pain she was in :(


    Toni xx

    PS did they say 'sorry'?
  • knuckleduster
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    Hello Marie and Toni

    Thankfully it's not painful as such, more like irritable and sore with a ringing sound. It seems that it can happen with syringing, but I think I will avoid that particular nurse in future.

    Hopefully it will repair itself, as I've read up on the operation and the recovery doesn't sound very nice. Luckily I can still hear with it. Have got to wear an ear plug when washing my hair because getting water in it is a big no, no. I jokingly said to my son that I wasn't allowed out in the rain, but he just said "oh" :lol: . Somehow I don't think he was listening :roll: .

    Janet xx
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    Hey Knuckleduster. My OH has had a dodgy ear drum since he was a child. He is waiting on word to go in and get it fixed. Think you are right about the recovery though. Its not nice at all :cry: