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I have OA in my feet, knees and fingers (swelling joints and problems with my thumbs. On wakening each morning, I find that my fingers are stiff and a couple of them painful when I bend them. It wears off during the day. Is this just another sympton of OA? Or could it be something else?




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    Hi Pheebs

    Thanks for your posting.

    Really sorry to hear about the pain, stiffness and swelling you are getting.

    If you haven’t already it may be worth asking your doctor for some blood tests to check for inflammation as regards the swelling. For more info on the different tests see

    You can also ask your doctor to be referred to a physiotherapist to get some treatment for your joints.

    You are welcome to ring us if you want to have a chat about things.

    All the best

    Helplines Team
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    Hi Pheebs

    I am sorry to hear about your OA aches and pains. I know what you mean. :roll:

    I am a member of the forum but wondered if you may have trigger finger.

    I have OA in my thumbs which are horribly deformed at the base. I was diagnosed with Trigger Thumbs and a small op dealt with that for me.

    I suggest you see your gp in the first instance if you find bending the fingers becomes a real nuisance and get a medical diagnosis.

    Elna x
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    Hi Nick & Elna,

    Thank you both for your replies and advice.

    I have had toe fusions on each foot, and a trapeziectomy on my left thumb - this has made a huge difference - and the right thumb is getting worse but not bad enough for an op, just yet!

    I will pay a visit to my GP and ask about the stiff fingers - I don't think it will be anything drastic but it's good to get an answer.

    Many thanks.


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