update on my foot

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Thankyou everyone for all your kind thoughts.
I have had the result of the xray.all okay. now the only thing stoping me is geting the swelling down.any tips please its the whole of the front of my foot. thankyou again.
take care
joan xx


  • villier
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    Thats great news, thank goodness there is nothing broken, only thing I can suggest is ice packs, I'm sure there will be others along to give there input.....tc.....Marie x
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    That's excellent news, Sue, and thank you for sharing it with us. I, too, can only think of ice packs (frozen peas wrapped in a towel - not put directly onto your foot). Take care, both of you. (((())))
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    Oh Sue, what a relief that there is nothing seriously wrong. I find cold good for reducing swelling and I also sit with my legs up and a cushion or pillow underneath my knees. I hope the swelling soon reduces - are you on any anti-inflammatory medicine? Hugs to you and Joan. DD
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    Hi Sue
    I am so glad its not broken, but still they can be so painful, I would try and rest it has much as possible.
    Hope it improves very soon x
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    Hi Sue

    (Hi Joan)

    So glad there wasn't a break they had missed, but that still leaves you swollen up and unable to bear weight on that foot :(

    I expect you've already tried it, but l think elevate it and anti-inflams if you have some and it's ok with other meds - have you tried ice?


    Toni xxx