Had to bite my tongue

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I've usually got nothing but praise for our bin men and the recycling teams, but today - well honestly. When I go for a walk by myself I take my "walker" and I had to bite my tongue when I eventually caught up with the bin men. They had left numerous bins in the middle of the pavement and I had to keep dropping off the kerb to avoid them. The estate I was walking through had driveways, grass verges and front gardens without walls, so there was plenty of scope of where to put the bin. One bin they even left laying down and they could see me coming!!

For those of you who use "walkers", I've got what I call the off road version.
It's marvellous for walking through the woods and will smoothly go over any ruts. It was designed for people with walking difficulties who didn't want to give up rambling. It costs a bit more, but well worth it for me.

Janet xx


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    Ye gods, blasted bin men. I am sure it's a bind having to replace and / or neatly line up loads of bins but surely that is part of their job. :roll: Our drive gets blocked every week by the empty bins - when I had my old car that I didn't care about I used to drive thro them but I won't with Daisy, I have to shunt 'em by hand first. I also get fed up with pavement clutter such as signs, bins, bus stops (always placed on the narrowest part of a pavement so the queue spreads all over) and pushchairs. Especially pushchairs and the mothers steaming along with scant regard for those who are less fleet of foot.

    Your walker sounds good, Knuckleduster, mine is light-weight and very noisy hence its name, the Clatterator! :) DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    I've had this kind of thing happen where I worked more than once, they let doors slam in your face or didn't hold the lift although they knew you were going up to OP's, then they'd laugh and make a joke about my OA use to really piss me off.
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    Hi Janet
    We have had lots of trouble like this, they just dumped the bins sometimes we have to go 3 houses down to get ours back.
    They block the pavement with them..we have people with electric chairs not being able to get past.... and mums with prams...like DD says it must be a bain for them..to put them back but let us not have then and inch off the street and they wont take them...rant over :)
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    Hi Janet
    We have somthing similar with our dustman but it's not the bins so much as the rubbish they spill that's left in the middle of the path where you
    then trip or slip on it.
    Stay positive always👍xx
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    My daughter works for the Council and when she rang last night I told her about the bins and she gave her standard reply "I'm not in bins!" :lol: . She suggested I write to the local paper but I said if they see my name and address then I probably won't get my bins emptied. She said you can withhold your address, but I think if you've got something to say then you should put your name to it. I can feel a quick phone call coming on today though to the Refuse Department.

    I think you will laugh at this - Normally I shower and dress before coming down to breakfast, but occasionally I'm a bit lazy and have breakfast first. Our kitchen is at the front of the house and you can bet your life on it that when I'[m having a lazy morning I'm at the kitchen sink washing up when the bin men come and they always give a cheery smile and wave as they look into the kitchen window. So I'm standing there in my dressing gown, uncombed hair, yellow rubber gloves on and as I wave and smile back I remember I haven't put my front denture in. They probably think "poor old soul".

    Have a good day.

    Janet xx