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There was a minister in the paper today telling everyone that they ought to do volunteer duties in exchange for a pension, my 85 year old mums first response was "they took five years of yer dads life in the war, what are they going to give him for that a double double pension?" :mrgreen: Mum also mentioned the War Bonds they put their savings into and never got paid for.....

I agree that OAP and everyone in society should be willing to work towards a better society, maybe if they didn't have to pay National Insurance they might be more willing to give their time?


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    One of the problems society is beginning to wake up to is that the elderly population is beginning to outnumber the younger by some fair distance. The NI we're paying now is going towards everyone else's pensions and benefits, we're not saving for our own. No wonder people will be expected to work for far longer, which is reasonable as we are generally longer-living. Mr DD is convinced that by the time he retires he will not get receive a state pension. DD
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    It is my understanding that NI has long since transcended its original purpose and is now used as an additional form of revenue. The value of a NI contribution (as if you had a choice!) would give a very good pension, more than that received at present.
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    He was a Gin soaked Lord on a gold plated tax payer funded pension so what the [text deleted] does he know about work anyway, [text deleted] idiot, takes the p**s it really does, we have immigrants living on benefits who are perfectly fit and healthy and a home grown hard-core of professional unemployed who do nothing but get high and breed and yet he wants the old people to make up the for the social drag they cause a social drag, and one that increases year on year, why can't he start with them first I wonder?, oh yeah law abiding people who've worked all their lives and have been compliant been honest and played by the rules are a soft touch as they can be reasoned with the other lot can be violent and if the mood takes them they riot so are so their best left well alone so that's why he’s gone for this particular demo-graph .
    But if everyone is meant to work into their late 60’s and early 70’s how will they be able to fit it all in anyway and what about their state of health?, at this rate no one will be able to retire anyway as we’ll all be working to keep the increasing number of professional dosser in hand-outs while the sick and the old are driven into an early grave supporting them.