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Hi Folks

Been putting off getting help and trying to be as independant as possoble but a fall in the bedroom the another in the bathroom made me rethink. Had OT out today, she was brilliant, getting rails upstairs a rail on my bed and a battery operated bath lift.


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    Hi Wall

    Hope you are ok after your fall, that's fab you are getting help hopefully will make things a bit easier for you............tc................Marie
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    So pleased you are getting the help you need.Mig
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    A good idea to get OT in. Yes, they are brilliant. Think of it as a means of retaining independence rather than losing it. As for the bath lift - do ensure the battery is fully charged every time. Mine doesn't retain the charge well so I have to leave it permanently plugged in and switched on. If I do that it's fine.
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    Thanks for replies folks, going for an MRI at 6:20pm, hopefully will get results when I see Physio on 01/11 up to now they are saying its OA of the spine but my feet, hands and hips are also giving me some greif and a lot of inflammation. How do you find the bath lift, is it ok?
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    Hi Wall
    I am so glad you are getting some help,I am one of those that keeps putting it off...mind you I got a wheelchair...for holidays and outings and its has been a big help.
    You take care xx
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    Hi Barbara, my hubby bought me a mobility scooter for my 50th birthday this year, second hand but without I wouldnt get out. Thanks for the response , so please I found this site, I no longer feel alone with this.

    Wendy xx
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    you're definitely not alone hun.. This site is great..
    I'm really pleased that the OT have been and sorted some things for you.. Hope they help a great deal :wink:
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