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Hi, I went to my GP today about the pain in my shoulders she has referred me to see a physio. She also mentioned glucosamine and to try that for a while. I only take omega 3 fish oil which was recommended by my GP. Does anyone on here use glucosamine and if so does it help you?


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    I tried it for ages and got nowhere but that was before I knew what was wrong with me. It helps some people (in my opinion those who like to think they have arthritis :wink: ) and it's better for those with OA rather than an auto form but the only way you will find out if it's for you is to try it. It takes a while to have any effect, 3 - 6 months at least. Good luck! DD
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    I don't think there are any claims about glucosamine and auto-immune forms of arthritis but, if yours is OA and in the early stages, why not give it a whirl? You've nothing to lose. Mr SW takes it, and cod liver oil daily for a slightly dodgy knee and believes it helps him to stay on the golf course twice a week.
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    My GP prescribes it for OA, and says it helps lots of people; I suspect those in the early stages. It did nothing for my knees, but I'm taking it again since my thumb joints started acting up recently. They're much better...but that could be due to putting new washers into the dripping taps so I don't have to overstrain my thumbs turning them off. :) Seriously, it seems worth a try.
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    My experiences with Glucosamine are....

    "my" consultant said "for me" they are a total waste of money, as I have NO cartiledge left in my knees for the Glucosamine to help... although it might help with other joints in my body which are problem free, But for the OA in my knees it would be a total waste of ££££....

    Secondly... If your GP 'does' prescribe this for you, you are VERY VERY LUCKY indeed, as many GP practices are not allowed to prescribe this item any more :?

    But, in the end if you try it and feel it is doing you good, and you can afford them, then carry on....
    The best ones to buy (I believe, are the 1500mg tablets - 1 daily the strong ones)

    P.S. I also took cod-liver oil for many many years as a preventative item thinking it would do me good.... Sadly I was wrong :( But I guess we are all different.

    Good Luck....
    hugs freesia xxx
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    Freesia is right, according to my GP you need 1500mg per day.
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    I did try glucosamine for a few years and had a prescription but all to no avail, arther still came and bit me on the bum! Nice to believe in something, I suppose?