So Fed Up !

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I had hip replacement in July (OA) , went well & been doing great until this week. Ive gradually been doing more & reducing pain relief, having rest periods & doing physio. Sunday I took my dog for a slow walk for about 30 mins for the first time, which was great.
Since then Ive been in awful pain , in my back , hip & leg , uncomfortable during night when sleeping and Im now waddling again. Actually feel almost as bad as I did before operation. Before op , most of my pain was actually in my lower back.
Is this normal ? Could it be the colder weather ? Have I done too much ?
I popped out to the shop today , by car, and the pain reduced me to tears. I feel as though Im back to square one & cant face the rest of my life like this. I know Im whinging, but it came on so suddenly to start with & was such a shock as I had always been active & capable.
Im now also getting pains in my shoulder & neck.
My Surgeon was happy with everything, physio went well & Im not due for a check up until next year as they are just going to see me annually.
What should I do , Im so fed up , I could cry !


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    hi it sounds like you have done bit to much and using muscles that have not had much uses for a while better see gp get it checked if it that bad just to be sure ((())) good luck val
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    I too think that maybe you've overdone things. A new joint does make one able to do more and more but whether one should is debatable. You were doing all the right things so get back into those habits (do a little, a rest a little etc ) and I hope things ease soon. These are still relatively early days for things to settle, that hip has only been in situ for three months. DD
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    I'm with the others, lazicat. There are two things here. One is that taking the dog for a walk is probably not the same as going alone, especially if the dog's on a lead. Other muscles, possible not used much of late, will come into play. The other thing is that you've got a new hip. That's all. If all you had wrong in the first place was that hip then you would 'be fixed'. However, if you have other things wrong then only the one bit will have been fixed. Rest up a bit, use the dullers and ease yourself into the dogwalking slowly. I hope today's a bit better.
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    Thanks everyone , had a nice day with a friend today which cheared me up.
    Hopefully I have just over done things, but know in time I will probably need the other hip done. It was just a shock to go from feeling really good to lots of pain again. I was hoping to get off the meds but realistically that probably isnt going to happen yet , if at all.
    It certainly helps to have somewhere to vent things , I dont know anyone else with this type of problem.
    I hope I can help to support someone in the future.
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    Hope you feel a little better today lazicat. It is a case of trying to do a little but not do so much as to cause pain. You need to learn to listen to your body as only you and your body know when too much is. It does take a while to master this as I know myself! ( over done it many a time and learned about it the next day!)
    Next time you see your G.P maybe it is worth asking them what their feelings are about you & pain relief, see what they say about if it's a cause of slowly withdrawling them or if it will be a case of staying on them for good. Then at least you know. And welcome to Arthritis Care forum!