Sore Tailbone ?

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Ive got OA in hips & pain in lower spine & my tailbone is so sore , finding it hard to sit. Does anyone else suffer with this ?
I mentioned it to my GP who wasnt very interested,


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    This is very common with any back/hip problem. That's why your gp wasn't interested.
    The only thing to do is try and make sitting/lying more comfortable. Sitting on piece of foam, cushion etc; can help. It's one of those annoying sidelines of old arthur. A small hottie bottle/heat pad placed at the base of your back when very sore is soothing. Other people prefer to ice the area.
    You can also buy a back wedge, which has a hole for the coxyx for in the car or a chair that can be helpful. Joy
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    Hello Lazicat

    I suffer with this as well and i have OA in my lumber spine.

    It can be very painful, i find it worse if i have to sit on a hard chair for any length of time....then rising is agony.

    I tend to sit sideways on the sofa with my legs up at the side to ease the pressure.

    I think those round cushions with the hole in the middle are meant tohelp..but i;v not used one.
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    Thanks again , wish my GP had actually told me it was normal.