DLA ? Post THR Pain ?

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Im currently getting DLA due to OA . I had my THR & it was going well & now I seem to be getting worse again & walking is difficult & Im in constant pain even with fentynl patches, anti imflam & pain relief. I had thought I would soon be off DLA but now Im not so sure. Ive decided to go back to my GP & ask to be refered back to my consultant as I only had my operation in July.
Has anyone else had this problem who was claiming DLA ? If so I would be grateful for any advice.
I have OA in my other hip but not as bad , lower back pain , sore tailbone, pain in neck & shoulder. I cant stand for long, walk far or sit for long ! This is such a shock as I was someone who never suffered with anything & never needed a GP !!


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    try contacting your consultant's secretary direct. Here in Kent if you've been discharged but need to go back to a hospital clinic, as long as you contact within 3 months from when you last saw them you can self-refer back. It's worth a try!

    I've had a partial knee replacement but still get a lot of pain from my knee. I too hoped that once I'd had the replacement I'd be able to lose my DLA but by then other joints had joined in. So there's no hope of that for me.

    I hope you've got a blue badge? Here in Kent if you have the higher rate of DLA you automatically get a blue badge but the application process now takes 8-10 weeks (heaven knows why though!).

    Try taking cod liver oil (PM me and I'll give you details of where I get mine from as I'm not allowed to here) on a daily basis. Also try and keep the joints moving. If something causes pain listen to your joints and don't do that movement. Pain is there for a reason. Listen to it.

    In the meantime I recommend my usual panacea - 1x large bar of chocolate to be eaten by you only; washed down with either cup tea/coffee or glass of wine/alcohol - whichever is your favourite.

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