How Long?

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I'm due to have a THR and I've been looking at details of what happens afterwards. There are videos showing how to move around/get into bed/put your shoes on etc without dislocating a new hip. Then there are lots of useful gadgets to help with dressing and raised toilet seats etc. What I'd like to know is how long do you need to use these special procedures and gadgets. Will I never be able to bend down eg to tie shoelaces or is it something I can get back to after a while. (I use shoelaces as an example ; I can live without lace-up shoes if I have to!)
If the Helpline isn't the best forum for this query please transfer it.
Many thanks


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    Hi Scribbler,

    I'm not a member of the helpline team but I'm a veteran of two THRs. As you have said, the idea of all the precautions is to prevent dislocation while the muscles are still weak and not supporting the new joint as well as they will later on.

    You should be guided by your physio post-op but, if you're conscientious about the exercises, I'm sure you'll get back to doing all you did before. I find I can feel when they're getting stronger but I go very gently and carefully at first. I hope you have as much success as I have.
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    Many thanks stickywicket. This seems to agree with what people have told me about their ops and those of their relatives. Nice to think I will eventually be able to cut my own toe nails and the raised toilet seat won't have to be a permanent fixture at home!
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    Thanks stickywicket, couldn't have put it better. I hope that has put your mind at rest scribbler.

    best wishes